Currently Unavailable... On Hiatus
    • "She is beautiful in mind, face and body.
      An intelligent woman with a great sense of humour.
      Genuine, passionate and amazing. My mind is full of exquisite memories."

      - P, 5th May 2015


    PLEASE NOTE: I’m currently unavailable until further notice..  on hiatus

    Due to my full and vibrant life, coupled with my choice to be independent, I only accept initial enquiries in the form of SMS or email. This ensures no vital contact or appointment details are lost.

    If speaking on the phone pre-booking is preferred, I am happy to schedule a call where I can take my time to openly answer your questions. Please mention this when sending your enquiry.

    Before contacting me, please read my Terms of Arrangement page in detail. By submitting an enquiry in any form, you are officially agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.

    Complete and submit my booking form below, or ensure the following information is provided in your first enquiry. Please mention if you have a preferred mode of contact, or a window of time for my reply, eg: standard work hours only.

    1. Preferred name
    2. Contact details
    3. Request for date and time
    4. Any additional details, questions or requests
    5. Information for screening – choose one of the following:
    • Employment details (company and position)
    • A copy of your photo ID
    • The names and contact details/link of two other providers you have spent time with that I can contact for a reference. Please provide the contact details you used when you made contact with them (if different from the details you gave me) to ensure the reference check is as quick and easy as possible.

    If you do not offer any details for screening, I reserve the right to decline your request. I am trusting you with my time, mind and body in a private setting. In return, some details to ensure I will be safe isn’t much to ask.

    Polite and concise enquiries are essential at all times. Please give me all the information I ask for swiftly, and without objection. If you show hesitation and do not take initiative to explain or problem solve, such as sending me through an NDA or confidentiality agreement to sign before giving me your details, it is very likely I will decline the appointment.

    Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. If you have not heard back and you are sure your initial enquiry was polite and concise, please send a follow up enquiry.



    A Note Before You Proceed

    By submitting an enquiry, you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Arrangement.

    Please take a moment to read through these conditions if you have not done so already.